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Mary Adam

Hi Readers, my name is Mary Adam, and I am a citizen of Arizona, United States. I am a house wife and I also love to cook meals for my kids. I have 3 kids and they mostly love to eat cakes and bakery stuff. Before my marriage, I participated in a cooking competition at my high school and won a prize as well and that’s when I started cooking as a hobby. I started this blog to share with you some tips I have learned the hard way. I would also try to suggest the best kitchen products I have used over a period of time. Your comments or questions are of course welcome. Thanks!

Kitchen garden: what to grow and why?

A kitchen garden is a small plot of land where fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown for household use. Kitchen gardens are usually located close to the house so the family can easily access the fresh produce. These types of gardens have been around for centuries and were once a common feature in most households. […]

Comparison of Best Honeywell Humidifiers

The humidifier is an essential piece of any home. It brings moisture to a dry house, helps reduce humidity levels in the home, and even freshens the air. In this article we will showcase one of the best humidifiers by Honeywell which is almost 100 years old Unites States based firm having its headquarters in […]

Comprehensive guide to 10 inch paper plates

Did you know that using a 10-inch paper plate for your meal instead of a metallic bowl or plate can help you lose weight? That’s right! Eating food from a paper plate allows you to see how much you are eating, which is crucial in keeping track of your caloric intake. Using a 10-inch paper […]

Louisville ladder vs little giant vs Murphy ladder

Hi folks, in today’s post our review team will compare three famous step ladder brands namely Louisville, Little giant, and Murphy ladders. Although all three brands are good in different aspects, our aim is to help you decide which one is better for you. Our review team has chosen 10 feet high ladders of each […]

Best half gallon insulated steel water jug in 2022

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of staying hydrated. Hydration is important for the body. Drinking water means your body can make more blood and sweat, which helps cool the body at the same time. Drinking enough water is also essential for maintaining health of various organs like kidneys, liver, and intestines. To […]

Frigidaire Counter top ice maker review

My daughter was studying in her masters in University of Florida and she told me on phone that she and her friends need a counter top ice maker for her hostel. Her requirements was that the ice make should be able to serve a large number of students for longer periods. As she was aware […]

Cuisinart vs Oster vs Krups vs All-Clad waffle maker

When the topic of waffles arises, two very different images can arise in the mind of the person listening. A thin golden crispy American waffle that’s great for light breakfasts and its customizability or a thick creamy and heavy-set Belgian waffle that has deep pockets great for absorbing butter and cream and any other goodie […]

SaladMaster vs Lifetime vs AMC cookware sets: Which One To Choose

Are you looking to add a new cookware set to your kitchen and confused about the selection? If so, you don’t need to worry about anything. This comparison article about Saladmaster vs. Lifetime vs. AMC cookware sets will help you make the final decision.  Saladmaster, Lifetime, and AMC are the favorite sets of most people, […]