SMEG coffee machines: pricing, types and where to buy

Basically SMEG is a worldwide brand of home appliances but few people know that it had its roots in Italy.

SMEG produces three types of coffee machines including manual, automatic and coffee grinders. In this article we will explain the price structure of each of these.

When you are planning to buy a coffee machine, the SMEG coffee machine comes to your mind. The reason behind is that it is quite popular in United States and people have a good opinion about the brand. In fact due to high quality standards some people call them Apple of home appliances. SMEG is a brand which manufacture a wide variety of kitchen appliances including ovens, chillers, hobs,toasters, mixers and much much more.

For coffee lovers, SMEG has a line up of three main appliances which are

  • Coffee espresso machines
  • Drip coffee machines
  • Coffee grinders

Now we will look at price of each of these type of coffee machines.

1) Pricing and Types of SMEG espresso machines

SMEG espresso coffee machines are further categorized into two types

  • Manual SMEG espresso machine (ECF01) price is $500 (US Dollars). These are traditional machines that require the user to apply pressure through his hands. These are 1350 watt and come in six different colors. All have important features like hot water setting, adjustable water hardness and double coffee function.
  • Bean to cup automatic coffee machine (BCC01 and BCC02) prices are $700 and $900 (US Dollars) respectively. These both are basically automatic espresso machines by SMEG. Both variants have automatic shut down feature , automatic rinse feature, light espresso coffee and ristretto coffee. the BCC01 SMEG espresso machine lacks the steam nozzle and steam production feature. The basic variant BCC01 also lacks the hot water and steam dispenser. Rest all of features are same in both variants.

Where/How to buy Manual and Automatic SMEG espresso machines

Manual SMEG espresso machines are available at Amazon while both the automatic variants of SMEG espresso machines can be purchased online from Connox.

2) Pricing of Drip filter SMEG coffee machines

For the lovers of Americano coffee, the SMEG presents one universal model namely (DCF02) and it comes in three different colors. The price of SMEG DCF02 drip filter coffee maker is $800 (US Dollars) and is available for sale at Amazon.

More about SMEG drip filter coffee maker

Are you looking for a new coffee maker?

The SMEG drip filter coffee machine is the perfect choice. It’s easy to use and makes delicious, full-bodied filter coffee with a rich crema layer on top that looks as good as it tastes. You can choose from up to 30 different grind levels so you get just the right strength of brew every time. And if you want an espresso or cappuccino instead, there’s no need to change your machine – simply insert the appropriate filter holder and enjoy!

With its sleek design and stainless steel finish, this drip filter coffee maker will look great in any kitchen. There are three programmable buttons so you can set your favourite drink before starting your day – whether that’s an Americano for breakfast or a latte macchiato after lunch – and two cup sizes (1 & 2) mean everyone gets their preferred serving size every time they make their drink too. So why wait? Get yours today!

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3) Pricing of SMEG coffee grinder (CGF01)

SMEG coffee grinder comes in six different colors and is represented by model no SMEG CGF01. The price of each SMEG coffee grinder is almost $300 (US dollars). The coffee grinder can be purchased from Amazon.

More about SMEG Coffee grinder

Do you love coffee? SMEG is the perfect grinder for anyone who loves a fresh cup of coffee.

You won’t find another device like this one on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life! With just one hand, you can easily reach content at the top of screen without adjusting your grip or switching hands.

It’s equipped with a die-cast aluminium body and conical stainless steel grinders that will give you an even, homogeneous grind that preserves all the delicious aromas without altering the flavour. The removable grinders allow for convenient, precise cleaning and safety system prevents it from being accidentally turned on if the bean container is removed from its position.

This grinder will give you an even better taste than any other grinder out there! You can use it to make your favourite ground coffee or espresso beans in seconds – so you’ll never have to go without your morning fix again! Plus, it comes with 2 years warranty so you know SMEG stand behind their product 100%. If anything goes wrong during this time period just send them an email at and they’ll take care of everything else for you!

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Which retail stores sell SMEG coffee makers

There is a huge list of retail stores in United States, that sell the coffee makers of SMEG.

For a completer list please visit here.