Ninja NJ601 AMZ Comparison and review

Ninja NJ601 AMZ Comparison and review
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The Ninja nj601amz is a modern blender produced by SharkNinja Operating LLC, a well-known company based in the United States that is dedicated to making innovative kitchen appliances and cleaning solutions. Aside from blenders, SharkNinja also makes other home products such as coffee makers, food processors, and vacuum cleaners. The brand is renowned for its commitment to ease of use, functionality, and powerful performance.

Comparison Table

FeatureNinja nj601amzNinja bl610
No of Speeds/ Built-in Programs3 speeds, 1 pulse function3 speeds, 1 pulse function
Year Released20232014
Power1000 Watts1000 Watts
Dimensions (LWH)9.5″ x 7.5″ x 17″8.19″ x 10.63″ x 15.75″
Electrical Ratings120V, 60Hz, 8.3A120V, 60Hz, 8.3A
Capacity72 ounces72 ounces
Product Weight7.1 lbs7.1 lbs
Dishwasher Safe?YesYes
Cord Length2 ft.2.5 ft.

Detailed Description of Ninja nj601amz

Design and Structure

The Ninja nj601amz blends style and functionality housed in a sleek black exterior. It features a large, 72-ounce pitcher made from BPA-free plastic, which ensures the safety of your drinks and food. The sturdy design allows the blender to withstand intense blending sessions without showing any signs of strain.

Power and Performance

With a power rating of 1000 Watts, the nj601amz performs efficiently, blending fruits, vegetables, and ice to the finest consistency. The speed setting comprises three different modes for better control over the blending process.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

The user-friendly design of the Ninja nj601amz makes it a breeze to operate. The buttons and controls are strategically placed for ease of access. When it comes to cleaning, the dishwasher-safe parts ensure that cleanup is quick and easy.

Features and Functionality

Besides the basic functionality, the Ninja nj601amz has a few notable features. It comes with built-in programs that allow for effortless blending. It also features an efficient stacked blade assembly that enhances the blending process.

Comparison: Ninja nj601amz vs Ninja bl610 vs Ninja BL770

Having looked at the Ninja nj601amz, it’s now time to see how it compares to the Ninja bl610 and the Ninja BL770. We have also previously compared Ninja BL610 with Ninja BN701 and Ninja BN801. If you are interested you can read it here.

Ninja nj601amz vs Ninja bl610

Ninja BL610

From the comparison table, it’s clear that the nj601amz and bl610 share many similarities. They both have a power rating of 1000 Watts and a capacity of 72 ounces, are both made by SharkNinja and have three-speed settings.

However, the nj601amz has the advantage of being a newer model, which has the latest features and functionalities. The nj601amz also has a slightly more compact design, which makes it ideal for those with limited kitchen space.

Ninja nj601amz vs Ninja BL770

On the other hand, the Ninja BL770, released in 2012, offers more than just blending. This model serves as a food processor and a dough mixer as well. It has a powerful 1500-Watt motor, and its capacity is slightly larger at 72 ounces for the blender and an additional 64 ounces for the food processor bowl.

However, it’s important to note that the additional features and power come with a price – the BL770 is more expensive than the nj601amz.

Product Dimensions

The Ninja nj601amz measures 9.5″ in length, 7.5″ in width, and 17″ in height. These dimensions make it quite a compact appliance suitable for a modern kitchen where space efficiency is often a prime concern. Comparatively, the Ninja bl610, with its dimensions of 8.19″ in length, 10.63″ in width, and 15.75″ in height, is a bit wider but shorter. The slightly wider body might occupy a bit more countertop space, but the shorter height could make it fit better under kitchen cabinets.

A blender with larger dimensions than the Ninja nj601amz and bl610 is the Ninja BL770, which measures 9.5″ in length, 8.25″ in width, and 17.75″ in height. The advantage of more significant dimensions typically translates to a larger capacity, which is ideal for large families or those who often entertain guests.


The Ninja nj601amz weighs 7.1 lbs, making it relatively easy to move around in your kitchen. The Ninja bl610 shares the same weight, indicating a similar level of portability. A lighter blender is easier to maneuver, which is beneficial when moving it for cleaning or storage.

A blender with more weight than the Ninja nj601amz and bl610 is the Vitamix 5200, which weighs 10.56 lbs. Heavier blenders tend to have more robust motors and can stay stable on the counter during high-speed blending, reducing the risk of tipping over.

Power Consumption

With a 1000-Watt motor, the Ninja nj601amz provides ample power to pulverize even the toughest ingredients while maintaining efficient energy usage. In comparison, the Ninja bl610 also utilizes a 1000-Watt motor, providing an equal level of performance and power consumption.

The Ninja BL770 consumes more power with its 1500-Watt motor, providing faster blending and a wider range of food processing tasks. Conversely, the NutriBullet NBR-1201 is a less powerful option with a 600-Watt motor. It’s beneficial for simpler tasks, such as making smoothies or pureeing soft fruits and vegetables, and it’s more energy-efficient.

Importance of Quality Kitchen Products

Investing in high-quality kitchen products like the Ninja nj601amz can significantly enhance your cooking experience. Quality blenders are more durable, efficient, and provide consistent results, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. The Ninja nj601amz is a testament to this, made with BPA-free materials and housing a robust motor, ensuring its longevity and reliable performance.

User-Friendly Design and Controls

The Ninja nj601amz stands out with its user-friendly design and controls. The blender features a sleek design that is intuitive to use. The control panel is well-organized, with clearly labeled speed settings and a pulse function. Additionally, the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, enhancing the user experience.

The easy-to-clean components of the Ninja nj601amz also deserve mention. The blender’s removable parts are all dishwasher safe, making post-blending cleanup quick and straightforward. With these user-centric design elements, the Ninja nj601amz makes for an efficient, enjoyable blending experience.

Durability and Longevity

The Ninja nj601amz is constructed with high-quality, durable materials that ensure its longevity. It is made with BPA-free plastic, which is known for its resistance to shattering, ensuring the safety of your food and drinks. The blades are made of stainless steel, offering the perfect blend of sharpness and durability. With proper care and maintenance, this blender can serve you for several years. It’s recommended to always follow the user manual for cleaning and maintenance to maximize its lifespan.

Safety Features

The Ninja nj601amz comes with several safety features. The blender features a secure lid-locking mechanism to prevent spillage during operation. It has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents the motor from overheating, ensuring the device’s longevity. Additionally, the blender has a non-slip base for stability during use, reducing the risk of accidents.

Ease of Maintenance

The Ninja nj601amz is quite easy to maintain. The blender comes with dishwasher-safe components, which means you can place the parts in the dishwasher for a hassle-free cleanup. Regular cleaning of the blender can ensure its longevity and consistent performance.

Uses and Applications

The Ninja nj601amz is a versatile kitchen appliance that can assist with a variety of tasks in the kitchen. You can use it to make smoothies, blend soup, puree fruits and vegetables, crush ice, and even make dough. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to save time and effort in the kitchen.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Looking at customer reviews on platforms like Amazon and eBay, the Ninja nj601amz has been praised for its powerful performance and ease of use. Users have appreciated its versatility and durability, and the positive feedback reflects its value proposition. However, some users have pointed out that the blender can be a bit noisy, but this seems to be a common concern with high-powered blenders.

Comparison with Ninja bl610

Comparing the Ninja nj601amz with the Ninja bl610, both blenders offer similar features and performance levels. They are equipped with 1000-Watt motors and three-speed settings and are made of BPA-free materials. However, the Ninja nj601amz is a newer model and comes with more advanced features, providing users with a more streamlined blending experience.

Comparison with Ninja BL770

Compared to the Ninja BL770, the nj601amz lacks additional features like food processing and dough mixing capabilities. However, the nj601amz excels in blending tasks and is more affordable, making it a better choice for users needing a blender.

Pros and Cons

Ninja nj601amz:


  • Advanced features for an enhanced blending experience
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain with dishwasher-safe components
  • More affordable than many high-end blenders


  • Can be noisy during operation
  • Lacks additional features like food processing found in more expensive models

Key Differences

The key difference between the Ninja nj601amz and the Ninja bl610 is the model year and the advanced features of the nj601amz, as it’s a newer model. These features enhance user convenience and offer a more seamless blending experience.

Price and Value for Money

The Ninja nj601amz is competitively priced compared to other blenders with similar features in the market. Its durable construction, advanced features, and powerful performance offer great value for money. The blender provides a high-quality blending experience without breaking the bank, making it an excellent investment for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the Ninja nj601amz suitable for crushing ice? A: The Ninja nj601amz can effectively crush ice thanks to its powerful 1000-watt motor and sharp stainless steel blades.

Q: Are the parts of Ninja nj601amz dishwasher safe? A: Yes, all removable parts of the Ninja nj601amz are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Q: Can Ninja nj601amz be used for hot liquids? A: It’s generally recommended not to use this blender for blending hot liquids. Always allow your ingredients to cool before blending.

Serve Cups with Lids

Neither the Ninja nj601amz nor the Ninja bl610 comes with serve cups with lids. If you’re looking for a blender that includes serving cups, consider the Ninja BL770. This model comes with two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids for personalized, nutrient-rich drinks on the go.

Display Options

The Ninja nj601amz features a straightforward, no-frills display with clear, simple control buttons. It doesn’t come with an LCD display or timer, keeping the interface easy to understand and use. The Ninja BL770 has a slightly more advanced interface, including an LED power indicator.


As discussed earlier, both the Ninja nj601amz and the Ninja bl610 weigh 7.1 lbs. While a heavier blender might offer more stability during operation, a lightweight blender is generally easier to move and store.

Key Differences

The key differences between the Ninja nj601amz and the Ninja bl610 lie in the model year and the advanced features that come with the nj601amz. Although both blenders share a lot in common, the nj601amz is a newer model and comes with slightly more advanced features that enhance user convenience.

Speed Settings

Both the Ninja nj601amz and the Ninja bl610 offer three-speed settings: low, medium, and high, plus a pulse function. The Vitamix 5200, however, offers variable speed control, allowing more precise control over the blending process.

Quietness or Noise Ratio

Both the Ninja nj601amz and the Ninja bl610 have powerful motors, which can be noisy during operation. Consider a blender like the Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender for quieter operation, specifically designed for reduced noise.

Jug Size

The Ninja nj601amz comes with a 72 oz. Pitcher, while the Ninja bl610 includes a slightly smaller 64 oz. Pitcher. Both come with lids for secure blending. Consider the Ninja BL770 for its larger capacity, which features a generous 72 oz. Pitcher.

Coffee and Spice Grinder

Neither the Ninja nj601amz nor the Ninja bl610 comes with a coffee and spice grinder extension. If this feature is important to you, consider a model like the Ninja BL770, which includes a food processor bowl that can be used for grinding coffee and spices.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

Based on features, performance, user feedback, and overall value, the Ninja nj601amz is a robust and versatile blender that offers excellent value for money. It’s powerful enough for most blending tasks, easy to use, and built to last. However, if you’re looking for additional features like serving cups or a coffee grinder, the Ninja BL770 might be a better fit. Regardless of your model, Ninja blenders are known for their quality and reliability, making them a worthy addition to any kitchen.

Grater Extension

Regrettably, the Ninja nj601amz does not come with a grater extension. This means you may need a separate kitchen tool for grating tasks like cheese or vegetables. Similarly, the Ninja bl610 also lacks a grater extension. However, the Ninja BL770 model, a more versatile kitchen appliance, includes a food processor bowl that could be used for grating, giving it an advantage in this area. If grating functionality is a critical need for you, consider models like the Ninja Foodi SS351 Power Blender, which includes a wide array of attachments, including a grater.

Blades Assembly and Extensions

The Ninja nj601amz is equipped with a 6-blade assembly made of sturdy stainless steel, which is ideal for tackling various tasks from crushing ice to pureeing fruits and vegetables. The Ninja bl610 uses a similar 6-blade assembly. Both blenders do not come with additional blade extensions.

When comparing the two, there’s no significant difference in terms of blade performance or utility. However, if you’re looking for a blender with more blades or different types of blades, you might consider models from Vitamix, such as the Vitamix 7500, which features laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades.

Ice Crushing and Smoothie

Both the Ninja nj601amz and the Ninja bl610 excel at ice-crushing and smoothie-making, thanks to their powerful motors and sharp, sturdy blades. They can easily crush ice to a snow-like consistency and blend fruits into smooth, creamy smoothies.

The two models perform comparably in this area, so choosing between them depends more on your other needs and preferences. Suppose you’re looking specifically for a blender with exceptional ice-crushing and smoothie-making capabilities. In that case, you might want to consider the Blendtec Classic 575, renowned for its ability to create perfect smoothies and easily crush the ice.

Expert Review for Ninja nj601amz

As a long-time user of the Ninja brand’s kitchen appliances, I was not disappointed when I switched to the Ninja nj601amz after my old blender unexpectedly stopped working. With an impressive performance track record over six months of extensive usage, I can confidently attest to the quality of the Ninja nj601amz blender.

Several factors influenced the decision to purchase the Ninja nj601amz. First, the brand’s reputation for high-quality, durable kitchen appliances had already earned my trust from years of use. Moreover, the Ninja nj601amz’s features — its high-powered motor, multi-blade assembly, and large capacity — appealed to my needs, especially as someone who uses the blender frequently.

One of the features I’ve found most beneficial is the 6-blade assembly, which has proven ideal for various tasks, from crushing ice to blending fruits and vegetables. Whether I was whipping up a fresh strawberry smoothie or crushing ice for a cold lemonade on a hot day, the Ninja nj601amz consistently delivered smooth and consistent results.

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and smoothies. I found the lack of a grater extension slightly inconvenient, given that grating tasks often feature in my cooking routine. I also felt the blender could benefit from the quieter operation, as the noise level could be quite noticeable during extensive use.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall blending performance was stellar. I have used it for making everything from a hearty green detox smoothie to my kids’ favorite mango shake, and it has never let me down. The results are always velvety smooth, and it manages to blend everything quickly and thoroughly.

The build quality of the Ninja nj601amz is solid, and it feels like it’s built to last, which gives me confidence in its durability and longevity. Moreover, the intuitive and user-friendly design has made it so easy to use that even my kids have started making protein shakes without assistance.

The Ninja nj601amz also has an impressive, modern look and feel. Its sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to my kitchen counter. Comparatively, it outshines other blenders I’ve used in terms of both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

On a scale of 1-5, I’d rate the Ninja nj601amz as follows:

  • Price: 4 stars
  • Size: 4.5 stars
  • Features: 4 stars
  • Blending performance: 5 stars

Overall, the Ninja nj601amz has provided a wonderful blending experience for me and my family. While there’s some room for improvement, its performance, versatility, and the brand’s reputation for quality make it a purchase I don’t regret and a blender, I would readily recommend.

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